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Wednesday: Yes, Indeed, I'm Walking....

From August 13, 2012 I took this one with my less-than-wonderful-but-always-adequate Canon PowerShot on the beach in North Carolina last summer. I enjoyed watching this bird work so hard to get someplace other than where he landed.  I know the feeling.  Since then, I've been missing the heat and blue of that amazing place.

Our World Tuesday: Halloween, Birthday, Hurricane

We're all about Halloween and Adella's birthday and preparing for natural disasters when the end of October roll around.  The three have become a family tradition.  Last week, we did the graveyard tour in support of the Glebe House's All Hallows.  This past weekend we celebrated Della's birthday with the family at Elenni's (best food in Woodbury and the only pizza worthy of the name), and at home with, oh, eight howling, gabbing, giggling girls who can fill six hours with nothing but friendship and fun.  And food.  From Elenni's.  This was last week at Glebe House in the center of town. From October 20, 2012 From October 20, 2012 This is what I created to pass the time before my little pumpkin's  girls came over.   From October 27, 2012 Speaking of pumpkins....after the sun set and the neighbors tucked themselves safely inside their homes, we hoisted this boy up and let what would pass for some very sweet kids by daylight knock the legs of

One Single Impression: Amity

Wind and frost and falling leaves Two feet, two feet, four: We walk in time, and there is music. One Single Impression

Today's Flowers: Squirrel Food

Clyde's squirrel girl has been attacking his pumpkin.  Possibly with his permission.  After all, who knows what communications go on between him and the squirrel while we're at work all day.  Today we staked out the front porch while we were waiting for Adella's friends to come to her birthday party, and we caught the little gal in the act.  She didn't seem to mind. She made a mess of the front porch, but we don't mind. Everyone's got to eat. We can see bits of pumpkin in the tree near the squirrel's nest. It's all good.  Today's Flowers

Skywatch Friday: No More...

No From October 20, 2012 More From October 20, 2012 Light. Skywatch Friday

Wordless Wednesday: Clyde's Squirrelfriend

From Clyde's Girl From Clyde's Girl Not a girlfriend but a squirrelfriend, this little lady watches our Dachshund Clyde for hours, and he watches for just as long. It's love or some other appetite at work. If nothing else, they have about the same shoe size and they're both kind of nuts. But you didn't hear it from me. (The second shot is what's left of her when she wants to be alone....Talk to the tail, baby.)  Wordless Wednesday

Our World Tuesday: All Hallows Eve

Autumn comes, flowers fade, and summer--just weeks behind us--feels like a lifetime ago. From October 20, 2012 Waiting for a friend at a coffee shop the other day, I enjoyed listening to the rain.  The beautiful world dissolved on the surface of my windshield. From October 20, 2012 Back in Woodbury, Della and I went out for All Hallows Eve in the Hollow.  This is the local historical society's Halloween event during which figures from Woodbury's past rise from their graves in the local churchyard and tell their stories on an illuminated walking tour led by other ghosts of the town's past.  We met Connecticut's first millionaire, a few random homicide victims, and Nonnewaug's daughter.  Nonnewaug was a local sachem among the Pomperaug's, and he destroyed his own life when he saw that Europeans were changing his world forever. The Glebe House is the site where Connecticut Anglicans decided to send one of their priests back to England to acquire the

One Single Impression: Kind

From Salem, MA I listened one Saturday in October To a Southern preacher Decrying Halloween from behind a statue Of Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery In Salem, Massachusetts, in 2012, And I waited for the kindness of the gospel. It did not come. When the zombie parade began, A biker revved his engine To drown out the sounds of the Southern preacher Who talked about the dark days when he Hated and masturbated Before Jesus came. There were children present; They cheered the zombies Who dare to be the living dead, Who frame the hunger for kindness with, "Fuck you.  I'm here, ass hole, and I'm breathing your air." What do you say, standing there? Nothing? I think nothing. I think perhaps the greatest kindness Involves abandoning The freedom  to speak. One Single Impression

Today's Flowers: Intersection, Interaction

From Salem, MA Today's Flowers

Skywatch Friday: Enduring the Change

From Salem, MA This rose was blooming in the front garden of a home in Salem, Massachusetts, a few weeks ago.  I like the way roses push past the wind and cold to keep on being roses. Skywatch Friday

Wordless Wednesday: And Then He Said....

From Salem, MA Wordless Wednesday

Our World Tuesday: Salem Witch Trial Memorial

Old stuff and New England are pretty much synonymous. Traces of America's beginning litter our landscape from one end to the other, and these bits and pieces give us a sense of history (particularly the idea that this bizarre experiment we call the United States started here, thanks to a bunch of gutsy nut cases who weren't too proud to steal from the locals.)  Massachusetts is particularly good at gathering up the detritus of our past and arranging it in a way that tells our story--whether we come off looking good or not. From Salem, MA In Salem, pretty little cottages like this one line one side of a small green that is part of the Salem Witch Trial Memorial. The low granite wall contains benches carved with the names of the men and women murdered by the state after being accused of witchcraft. From Salem, MA On the way up to Salem last weekend, we listened to Arthur Miller's  The Crucible .  That moment we learn that Giles Corey was pressed to death bec

One Single Impression: Free

There are days the dictionary is enough for me. I don't need to talk to anybody To find or put words in a particular order Because it's all there in its own arbitrary And beautiful way For me to find. Take, for example,  "The primary sense" of free--the adjective-- Meaning "beloved" or "friend." There is more, but I stop here Because that is challenge enough. I have always thought of free As not bound in anyway And in some way, somehow,  (Because of that) alone. But here it is: To be free is to be alive And kept In the heart of another. One Single Impression

Today's Flowers: Small Beauty, Faded and Distant

From Salem, MA The roses near the Salem Witch Trials Memorial lingered in the cool autumn days of Columbus Day weekend to honor, it seemed, those men and women accused of and executed for witchcraft in 1692. The memorial, dedicated by Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel in 1992.  Those accused of witchcraft lost their property upon being accused, so making an accusation was a handy way for some folks to grow their wealth.  A sad and disgraceful time. Today's Flowers

Skywatch Friday: Customs in Salem

From Salem, MA That Eagle atop the Customs House in Salem, Massachusetts, is thinking, "Those clouds coming in behind me are going to get the revelers soaking wet," and he is right! Skywatch Friday

Wordless Wednesday: Because Life is Serious Business, Laugh a Little

From Salem, MA From Salem, MA

Our World Tuesday: Salem, Massachusetts

We visited Salem, Massachusetts, over the weekend. October is a big month for tourism in that city. Little did we know how big! The merchants and others told us we were lucky to be there early in the month, before the place is packed! Here stands town founder Roger Conant at the top of the Salem Common. From Salem, MA Though he stands outside the Witch House , he had not part in the witch trials. He was a political leader and a settler who did his share of good before he died in 1679. (Salem, by the way, is a variation of Shalom, or peace.) We had a look at Witch House, which was the home of Judge Corwin, who presided over the investigation of the 19 women accused of being witches. His court sent these women to their deaths. Every woman maintained her innocence until the very end. From Salem, MA Corwin lived pretty comfortably in his home for many years. This is the only surviving property with direct connections to the witch trials of 1692. From Salem, MA

Skywatch Friday: In the Clouds

From September 30, 2012 Skywatch Friday

Wordless Wednesday: On the Rocks

From September 9, 2012 Wordless Wednesday

Our World Tuesday: Out on a Sunday

Della and I took Clyde to the Hollow for a walk on Sunday. From September 30, 2012 After a wet, stuck-indoors weekend, we enjoyed the sunshine and warmth and color of the day. From September 30, 2012 Della came across these ducks enjoying the sunlight on the trunk of a tre that had fallen across the river, but Clyde's jangling tags sent them across the river. I had a hard time seeing them through the glare on my camera, but I aimed and shot and got a sense of some very beautiful birds. From September 30, 2012 Clyde found himself along the edge of the river, which he enjoyed very much. From September 30, 2012 But then he thought he was stuck. He didn't panic; he just let on like he owned the place. From September 30, 2012 Such a manly man. Della coaxed him out with some cheese. Always works the magic. From September 30, 2012 Have a great week! Our World Tuesday