Love in Incandescent Light

You lower the blinds at 4:30, Turning your back to the sun As you count out the pills For tomorrow morning And then give yourself permission To sit down In the early dark and quiet.

Nobody is coming,

But tomorrow will.  

You have willed it.

You are ready,

And time moves on 

Beyond the curtain

But you are warm and safe,

Coming to terms with time

You dream

You remember

Calling in your children

Before dark

Keeping them safe

Clean and warm and tucked in

Glasses of water 

Delivered in darkness

Go to sleep.  See you in the a.m.

The creak of box springs

The promise of warm toast, oatmeal, and coffee.

A new day.

Go out there and come back.

Bring a story.

What you do 

And always will 

That is love

Alive in the heart

Surrounded by an incandescent house

In the quiet

As darkness comes closer 

And you are alone.