Monday, September 29, 2014

Our World Tuesday: Ordinary Time

September's a funny month for being long yet flying by.  The school year starts, Adella gets to know her new teachers and their quirks and expectations, and my students get to know my quirks and expectations.  And I get to know them.  It's as magical as it is monumental.   Sometimes when the weekend comes, I congratulate myself for not having much to do, yet all I do is think about what to do next.

Still, we manage to get out and take in the scenery.  A few weeks back, we took a walk to an old fire tire to have a look around.  There is was: everything and silence and nothing.

On Saturday, we took a ride down to Pennsylvania and took in a bit more color on our way to seeing mom and dad.  

Maeve guarded Adella from who knows what in the back seat.  You can't be too sure in this world.  We do what we can.

Back at the ranch, I spent some time in the garden getting it ready for cooler weather.  The roses aren't ready to check out, though.  We had a warm burst of weather this weekend, but we know how that goes around here.  Autumn's coming.  So out came the geraniums for a winter and indoors, and in went the chrysanthemums.(Chrysanthemum is a beautiful word that should be worked into conversation as much as possible.  Those four syllables suggest the magic and splendor of autumn.)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Today's Flowers: Ferns and More Ferns

These ferns stretched out in the dappled light of early autumn back in Bethelehem a week or so ago.  I have always loved ferns.  They are so cool and fresh, and they smell peppery and lovely.  Maeve was pretty impressed by these specimens.  They offered her a whole encyclopedia's worth of information about her new neighbors in these words.

Today's Flowers

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our World Tuesday: Back on that Trail

 Della and I took the dogs to Bethlehem again.  The light was soft, and the dogs were happy for an adventure.  I saw things a little differently this time around.  The wall leaning at the same angle as the tree down a ways.  How'd that happen?
These big, old pines made me dizzy when I took a look up.  Three muses, graces, sisters?

September's a crazy month with the start of school.  It's a good busy, though.  Just makes me a baaad blogger!

Our World Tuesday

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Skywatch Friday: Three Minutes Every Day

My neighbor told me today that we are losing three minutes of daylight every day now.  Depressing, he said.  Possibly, I think.  Another neighbor said she is glad for the end of summer.  The coolness and the soft light agree with her.  Still, the raccoons are plumping up, the (newly discovered) beaver is busy in the pond doing something, the egrets make a show of avoiding us, and the Canada geese are still here.  The neighbor who welcomes the cool also promises a very cold winter.  That will come soon enough, and we will snuggle up inside with the puppies and the blankets.  Life passes quickly by.  It seems an art to flow with it, to accept what it is, rather than to fight the tide.  There is no time for the madness.

Skywatch Friday