Sunday, June 07, 2015

Our World Tuesday: Nonnewaug Falls

For the first time in a long time--and the last time in Connecticut until the end of summer--we took the dogs for a good, long walk.  They appreciated the change in scenery, that's for sure.  They checked out the buttercups and the future berries.

 They did not try on the pink lady's slippers, which were everywhere, but they did check out the Nonnewaug.
 They took a drink under this white birch, which they seemed not to notice towered over them and turned a right angle as it reached between the pines to enjoy the light.

 Maeve and Clyde never wander far from Adella, though Clyde did pick up a scent that had him bouncing around, Dachshund style, in the ferns for a few minutes.  Nothing beats the beautiful aroma of puppy jerky, though.
We made it  back to the car for a cool drink before we made our way to the ballpark to watch my nephew's baseball game.  Nothing quite like a Sunday in June.

Our World Tuesday

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our World Tuesday: Memorial Day

Memorial Day in Woodbury is a real small-town affair with the veterans, the Free Masons, the Boy Scouts, the Junior Woman (still don't get that), the Revolutionary and Civil war reenanctors, and the GOP making their way down Main Street to the Civil War memorial and the canon.  A disgraced former state senator drives the pickup full of Republicans, but nobody minds.  Of course, the high school band adds some flair to the procession as well as the commemoration at the monument.

This Korea veteran, below, said he thought there would have been more people on the sides of the street.  I felt that way, too.  I hope the veterans felt the appreciation of the people who were there.

We attend two parades because the high school band marches in both Woodbury and Bethlehem.  In truth, I was feeling  a little resentful, thinking we can never do anything else on Memorial Day weekend because of the band commitment.  I think this every year, and then I get there and realize there really is nothing else to do this weekend.  We remember the dead and honor the living.  And say thank you.

Our World Tuesday