Exploring the Creative Process with Poetry and Music on Sunday, 15 October


Julie Cook, Thomasina Levy, Leroy Anderson House


DATE 1 October 2023

Exploring the Creative Process at the Leroy Anderson House

Continues with Poetry and Music

(WOODBURY, CONN. - 1 October 2023) - The third of the Leroy Anderson Foundation’s series of presentations titled Exploring the Creative Process will take place on Sunday, October 15 at 2 p.m. at the Leroy Anderson House. Pianist and poet Julie Cook and musician, poet, singer, songwriter Thomasina Levy will demonstrate how music enhances poetry by playing the piano, dulcimer, and other instruments with poetry readings.  The Leroy Anderson house is at 33 Grassy Hill Road, Woodbury. Contact the Foundation at leroyandersonfoundation@gmail.com for tickets.

Cook and Levy will invite participants to do the same with a variety of simple instruments and poems that they provide.  Cook says, “There's no limit to the joy and creativity that happens when we playfully combine music and words. And the best part–no musical experience required!”  In this creative session, Cook and Levy will demonstrate the pairing of music and words by reading poems accompanied  by the dulcimer, piano, and other instruments, showing a variety of ways this can happen. Then the audience will be invited to awaken their inner musicians by picking up easy-to-play instruments to accompany poetry readers— and then trade roles.  Levy, a musician, poet, singer, and songwriter, says she loves her work and calls herself a “creativity midwife” who is a witness to the birthing of others’ creative processes in visual, musical and written arts. She was  Connecticut State Troubadour from 2005 to 2006.  Cook, a music educator and a published poet and fiction writer, also composes songs and choral works. She is a Music for People certified  improvisation facilitator.  The fourth and final event in the Exploring the Creative Process series will be led by commercial and fine-art photographer Marc Russell at 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 21, at the Leroy Anderson House.

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