Hollister House Gardens: Pure Paradise


Today I recorded a podcast with Southbury poet Faith Vicinanza, a polymath who sings, dances, paints, and writes poetry.  She remarked at the end of our conversation that the Northeast is a place rich in the arts, something we who live here take for granted.  She spoke as a person who has lived elsewhere for long periods.  This has been on my mind all summer, as I have traveled very short distances to take in incredible natural beauty as well as creative arts.

When I visited Hollister House Gardens for the first time this week, I remarked to a friend who joined me that I had to pass what was once Woodbury's ski slope, the side of a hill that was once the grazing pasture of the Isbell horses in the years leading up to the Civil War and then some.  "You can't live anywhere else," my friend said in her commentary on the plans to move that my husband and I ditched in the spring.

Can't is right.  Woodbury is home.  Hollister House Gardens, pictured above, is 18 minutes away from home, according to Google Maps.  Here, Ed and I spent the afternoon taking in the beauty and following the yellow and black swallow-tail butterflies from flower to flower. I am grateful to the keepers of this estate for making it available to the general public.  A beautiful gift!

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  1. Beautiful views of the gardens, the flowers are all lovely. Take care, have a great new week!


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