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This Land Is My Land...

I caught this image of Lady Liberty last summer, when Adella and I were leaving New York for a cruise to Bermuda as the guests of some very dear friends.  This image belies the scores upon scores of people who circled round her that they might pay her homage.  The view from the front was very different from this view.  What you can't see here is how many people were in line that day to see Liberty and how many were on cruise boats to get in line to see her. These were ordinary people who were there for ordinary reasons.  If they were anything but ordinary, they would not have been on a Circle Line boat, after all.  These outstanding, ordinary people wanted to touch history, wanted to touch freedom, wanted to know the time and place of becoming American for so many people.  I love ordinary.  Ordinary is about believing in the basic idea of the right to life, liberty, and happiness no matter who you are or where you come from.  I am very happy to be ordinary. Be ordinary.  Be h

Our World Tuesday: Christmas Past, or All About Maeve

The Christmas tree in Surf City illuminated the park and cast some lovely shadows on the holiday revelers on Christmas night.  The day after Christmas, evidence of Santa's existence and, possibly, his revels on the beach, graced the beach.  Poor guy.  I hope he got back to the North Pole OK. Little Maeve enjoyed the beach for the week.  She chased the willets, the sandpipers, and the gulls into the sky.  She even chased the sea foam.  When I awoke extra early, I came upon the seagulls asleep on the beach. Back at the ranch, Maeve chilled out on the couch and let out a little rumble if anybody dared to move her or suggest she move.  She's a woman of clear opinions. We came home to start the new year after an overnight at mom and dad's in Pennsylvania.  All in all, it was a great week in a beautiful place.  Thanks, mom and dad! Our World Tuesday