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Wordless Wednesday: 9/11 Memorial in Bayonne, NJ

The 9/11 Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey. Wordless Wednesday

Our World Tuesday: Bermuda

 Adella and I visited Bermuda via a cruise ship last week.  We were the guests of some old and dear friends.  We enjoyed the company as much as the views and the experiences.  Here is Adella looking a little grainy (thanks to my top-notch camera skills) at sunrise last Wednesday, when we arrived. While we waited to dock, we watched this little tug moor this behemoth with a few shoelaces.  That was something to see!  You can be as big and mighty as you dare with your sideways skyscraper, Norwegian, but you ain't nothing without that little tug. The Faithful tied our shoelaces for us.  Rain clouds came and did their thing and went, but the weather was mostly sunny and very warm.  Perfect, actually. Adella and I walked from St. George's to Tobacco Bay and then to Achilles Bay.  The coral created natural sculptures in the water, which was as pellucid as could be.  Back at King's Wharf, we walked around the erstwhile British naval yard and took in the lo

Skywatch Friday: Tones of Gentleness

I believe that people who get up early in the morning do it for the light.  Maybe they have to go to work at that hour, but the work they're going to puts them in the path of this light--a light the night shift doesn't know anything about.  Morning people are morning people for a lot of reasons.  And every time we press the shutter button on our cameras, we are saying, "I love you," to that light, to the gentle swelling of the air in that light, to the clear sounds that move through that light.  Ever picture says, "I wish this were forever."  It is, of course.  That these and other sky images appear in memes on so many digital platforms speaks to the pervasiveness of this passion for morning.  Which is to say, a passion for life, for the living, for every being that moves through this air and this water and this light. As time moves on, the light becomes more intense and harder on the eyes.  So it goes.  We turn around, we complete the circle, and t

Our World Tuesday: Bye, Bye, Wisdom Teeth

 Adella got her wisdom teeth out last week, and Clyde kept a careful eye on her recovery.  Nevertheless, she managed to get an infection in one of the teeth.  Total bummer.  (I don't understand why doctors feel the need to dig for teeth that aren't causing trouble that are way, way down there in the gums.  This dental spelunking seems a bit premature....)  Maeve kept an eye on the perimeter while Adella nursed her gums and read Frankenstein .  She kept the bears away.  And the sparrows.  Adella's aunt and cousins gave her some roses to sweeten her recovery.  They've held on for a week now. Hoping all is well in your world--and that your smile is in no danger of sabotage from teeth lurking deep in your dental shadows. Our World Tuesday

Skywatch Friday: Dreaming On

Skywatch Friday