Really, Ralph?

From July 22, 2012
Ralph Lauren is the official outfitter of the 2012 US Olympic team. His products for this event are made in China. Wow.

(Clearly, whatever a Democrat says is up for ridicule in the ultra-conservative, hate-mongering media.  Click here to for Limbaugh's anti-Harry Reid diatribe.  Reid is up for ridicule because he has this idea that USA Olympic uniforms should be made in America.  Limbaugh didn't grow up in my parents' house, where the presence of the union label in a garment determined whether or not we would buy it. Also, Mr. Head-in-the-Sand hasn't gotten them memo about why it's such a bummer so much American business and manufacturing is leaving the country.

It seems to me that Mr. Reid should start spouting some Republican rhetoric so Mr. Limbaugh can refute it.  That would make for some nice free advertising.)


  1. Yep, and that is really, really bad!!

  2. Ah Thats too bad.

    How is Calvin doing? Where are his products made?

  3. Sandy- thanks for your kindness.

    Warm Aloha
    to you from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  4. Business sense cares where more money can be made. Same types of materials, same skills and of the same quality but whole lot cheaper. Being offered these options consumers do not really mind nor bother where they are made.


  5. Well that seems wrong.

  6. I guess it is all just business. Like everything else in the world, it is all about cutting costs and making money.
    Hope you will have a great week dear Sandy,

  7. I know...right!!??

  8. Yuck! I've been reading a little about the garment industry in the USA. Over the decades moving from New England to the South to the Texas/Mexican border, to Mexico and then to China and other places in the great search of cheaper and cheaper labor.

  9. I had read about this. Truly a travesty.

  10. Yes, the loyalty of the pocket.


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