One Single Impression: Niche

We say it all the time--nitch or neesh
Depending on where the tracks
Run through our real estate.

It means place
Of comfort,
It means nest.

But sometimes the notion
Of destiny
Invades our minds;
We say we were meant to be there.
I don't know about any of that.

I mean, actually
(Thought I thought I'd be polite)
That I think all of that--
Comfort, belonging, destiny--
Is total crap.  I think we kid ourselves

With all this soft talk about a master plan
And a guy in the sky who can justify our every wrong move
With a bitterly wrought moral to our story
About how we somehow earn those kicks in the pants

Out of the plain and simple and magical truth
That a niche is only any good for anything
If we get the hell out of it

And fly

Like the first bird that ever had the idea
Of lifting off on its own steam

And nobody's down there taking notes
Giving some ghost the credit.

We make it happen.

We rise from small places

And, damn it,

We fly.

One Single Impression


  1. I really like this!

    Too many people hand over responsibility for their own actions and thoughts. But I think I may live in a country where it’s a little easier to say such things than you do.

    Thanks for the comments on my posts.

    Stewart M - Australia

  2. In the long and short of things, we are so young and we really don't have a clue!!

  3. well I believe in an overall plan but don't think we see it or understand why till much our!

  4. Wonderful, I especially love:

    "..That a niche is only any good for anything
    If we get the hell out of it..."

  5. I was surprised to find the word "Niche" and expected something else because in French "niche" is a doghouse ! Strange

  6. Anonymous4:49 PM

    nice...!"We rise from small places" that!!

  7. I like the way you think...

  8. Our every decision takes us where we are each day....and yes, we are capable of flying...there just needs to be determination and faith...happiness, success is a choice...blessed day on your side of the just inspired me in mine...

  9. Beautiful and so candid and pragmatic.;)
    I have been contemplating some heavy issues as of lately and see that so have you.;)

  10. Excellent life affirming words.

  11. no one can stop us. it's our lives. fly as much as we can fly. there's no limits. ah, inspiring write

  12. Anonymous2:59 PM

    you have been tagged...

  13. Spot on! Absolutely spot on.

  14. Beautiful sentiments. I enjoyed the emphasis on self responsibility and taking wings in one's own life.

  15. I had read this earlier, but didn't have the chance to comment. I love it. I love the guts you show to challenge us to fly. My wings are flapping. Thanks Sandy.

  16. Beautifully stated- I love how you get to the heart of a matter! And fly- you bet!

  17. from small place...we rise

  18. That a niche is only any good for anything
    If we get the hell out of it

    Love this lines.

    Niche, I suppose is meant to be a temporary resting place to get in better shape to take off again.

  19. I wanted to say more last night but it was getting late and my thoughts were getting loose.

    What a brave and candid poem this is! It can truly be an adventure to embrace mystery, live with open ended questions rather than opting to subscribe to comforting dogma. Do doubt about it, Sandy. You will face into the wind, stretch your wings, and you will fly!
    In fact, that is what you are doing in this piece...


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