Today's Flowers: Bougainvilla

From August 8, 2011

These flowers come and go, come and go--and they are gorgeous every step of the way.

"Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted." (Deepak Chopra)

Today's Flowers

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  1. beautiful-they look like gardenias

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  3. The flowers are gorgeous! I can almost smell them! Ha!
    Good Morning!!

  4. I can tell you are still down South when you took this picture. These don't grow up north here. I don't think I have seen a white one. Usually they are pink or red, the ones I see anyway. Beautiful in any color.

  5. Lovely flowers - and I LOVE the quote today!!

  6. I love the quote! It is a good one!

  7. GREAT quote, thanks for sharing this Sandy. Hugs...

  8. Quote and photo are wonderful Sandy.

  9. They are a beautiful flower and I love the quote.

  10. Coming or going.. they're lovely blossoms.

  11. I have some of these in the front of my house. People marvel at the fact that they grow so abundantly in the desert. I must take a picture sometime and post it. But sadly it would't look like any of yours.

    Hope you had a great Sunday.

  12. very beautiful shot
    elegance to the last

  13. Such beautiful blooms!

    My share of flower, have a great week ahead!

  14. Beautiful capture and beuatiful thoughts. That is the way I view most events in life too.;)
    Have a lovely Monday dear Sandy,

  15. These flowers are so exotic to me! I have not seen many white ones but most see a deep purple or pink bloom! Delightful photo!

  16. the philippines has lots of bouganvillas but amazing that it doesnt look like this. adversity it is.

  17. Soft and delicate, very beautiful.


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