One Single Impression: Top

At the bottom of these snow canyons
Heaved into being by machines
The purpose of which
Would seem to be
To prevent
Any break


From routine

I stand still for fear of slipping

And watch my daughter's Dachshund

Amble to the top
And stay there

For as long as

He damned well wants.

I wait.
She waits.

There is no moving him

Until he will move.

The world waits.

In fact,
It is by them and for them and through them
You find the top of anything at all.

This is a group project.

Thus have we heard from the dog.

Savor this.
And come down when you're ready.

We're here.

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  1. I can just see you and your daughter waiting for Clyde to decide to come down. Funny. Or not so if you want to go.

  2. It is to be able to do as you want....and recognize it. If things don't turn out as you wish....who is responsible?
    My sister has a little dog like that. I love Henry. We have but to watch animals, there is so much to learn. They are our teachers, in the school of the universe....

  3. how funny and true, reminds me of rebellious teens who live with wild abandon. I have one who is now 40!

  4. Well, you got me laughing this morning! Those doggies do have a way of doing their "thing" regardless!! Hope you have a great weekend, Sandy!


  5. Yes they do have minds of their own! Loved this

  6. Was I right to detect a tinge of sarcasm in this poem?

    I love how you connect the imagery of the canyon, with that of the Daschund, and then move on to the proverbial 'getting to the top' which applies to life in general.

    Well portrayed. :)

  7. lol so true. My dog is just a lovey She will walk along with you up the stairs and stop right in front, so you have no where to put your foot. She will go to investigate first for you, a room, and stop so you can't enter, to wait for you. lol
    Animals all have their beauty and I sure love my dog.Can't imagine life without her.

  8. A lot of truth in this. Excellent.

  9. Oh so true. Mr. Cheddar seconds the motion but of course, he would have preferred catty references here LOL. Thanks for a fun start to the day!

  10. Anonymous2:52 PM

    that is to be savored Sandy...!!

  11. Anonymous4:47 PM

    This had so many delicious layers! I loved the visual, too.

  12. Anonymous5:18 PM

    So fun and so descriptive.

  13. beautiful poem with a genuine tone.

  14. A delightfully layered poem - it's a wonderful read!

  15. Sandy, this is a wonderful poem, full of adventure, anticipation and wonderful message from the dog at the end.

  16. Yet another masterpiece from you here.. Sandy.. enjoyed it ..

  17. I love the storytelling in your poetry. I like how the world waits for the little Dachshund until he is ready to come down. It also causes you to pause and gaze at everything around you.

  18. Sandy, yes for sure we do wait a lot at the whims of those at the top. :)

    But, my dog would come down if I asked. I am the master of her even when she appears to be 'at the top.'

  19. Humorous, true, and cold! I am seeing those snow mountains out my mother's window at the moment holding in the rain, and forming a pond. Would your little doggie like to take a swim? There is always a valley below the mountain! Don't fall off!


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