One Single Impression: Comb

Close your eyes to the sun
And find yourself immersed in mystery
As you lie stretched in the warm sand
Near the relentless surf
Let your toes comb the beach
Reaching for the cool sand and damp
Where you can only imagine in the dark
Life beginning small and singular
And teeming to the surface
To breathe air
In the open sunshine.

Open your mouth and breathe.
Open your eyes and see.

Your life is new.

One Single Impression

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  1. this is beautiful

    thanks Sandy

  2. Yes! Perfect Sandy. I can feel the cool of the sand in between my toes. Can't wait for summer can we? Yet, I can't wait for this coming winter storm either...

  3. Well written, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. It would feel really good to be beach combing someplace warm right now. It is curious to think about how life evolved.

  5. Since we are now snow-bound, the idea of combing warm beach sand with my toes is very enticing. Thanks for your beautiful poem.

  6. I am so refreshed by reading the imagery of toes combing the beach. Beautiful writing Sandy.

  7. it is beautiful =)

  8. This makes me ache for the beach, sun, and sand...meanwhile, I'm looking out the window at snow and winds. Lovely words that took me away...beautiful!

  9. We're cold here too tonight, Sandy. In the twenties! Liked your poem. :)

    I read this in light of warming on the beach myself and observing Mother Nature's wonders.
    Also I read it as if I were the actor getting that new life. That was a little scary.

  10. It's very fine, Sandy. I always see in your poems great harmony and positiveness.

  11. Nice work...
    Loved reading it :)

  12. Nice poem and like the feel of sand with my bare feet. Love everything connected with the sea.

  13. As soon as I read this poem..I could feel the sand in my toes!! I too wish I lived by the beach...I miss the sounds of the ocean!!

  14. Beautiful poem Sandy!!
    It created fine imagery and the beach is the most relaxing and refreshing place to be.

  15. Certainly.. I have sometimes experienced this in the past ... a new life each morning.. Thanks Sandy..

  16. Thank you for this Sandy, it's beautiful. I always love your positive outlook on life.

  17. There is just something incredible about that feeling, it really can't be replicated anywhere.

    and I long for even as we head into the long winter....


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