My World Tuesday: Gentle Eyes

 Meet the lovely mama deer that startles me often when I am in the woods.   There are times I have come upon her grazing the foliage when she has turned to look me over with a look that questions my hurry.  I took this photo when I found myself walking straight toward her.  What is that power that takes you from your thoughts to recognize the presence of another life almost near you?  This time, I stopped in my tracks, took a few steps back, and waited, standing as still as I could as the mosquitoes made a meal of me.  She watched and waited for a long while, so I stepped back.  Then, she moved deeper into the woods and I went around.  She turned to look over her shoulder as I made my way along the human path and she continued on the deer path.

Lately, I have seen her in the distance with her two fawns.  They make thunder when they run along, but they never go too far before they turn and watch.  They are well used to me and the supply of hosta they munch on in the gardens near the woods.  May they stay close and safe.  They are so gentle and beautiful.(Although some neighbors, recently here from New York, can't quite tell the difference from this mama doe and the local bear, she is nonetheless gentle.  Not easy to push around where her young are concerned--that's the job of a mama--but as gentle as her eyes suggest.)  

My World Tuesday


  1. Love it. She is incredible. I loved it when they move along parallel to a walker, but still yards and yards away.

    1. Our trails mimic theirs. They are watching us as they mind their business.

  2. What a sweet and wonderful experience.

  3. Those eyes are so deep you just fall into them.

  4. Thanks for being here and commenting! This Mama Deer does not mess around. She has called me out for not paying attention more than once.


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