Strawberries from The Farm, Woodbury, Connecticut


The Farm, Woodbury, CT

What price, these strawberries that survived three frosts

One bright week in May after Mother’s Day,

After a winter of many false starts

When green shoots emerged from earth too soon soft,

And people joyfully left their jackets home,

Smelling freedom, movement, in the warm air?

You couldn’t say to the plants, “Stop!  Go back!”

Time would not be routed as it raced past

Its reflection mirrored in soft waters

And echoed in the cry of geese, returned

To the water’s edge to start again

A renewal of life–too soon, too soon.

The farmers covered the strawberries thrice

That you might taste and know the sweetness of life.

I love The Farm here in Woodbury.  The young people working there are always friendly and helpful and ready to talk.  Same goes for the adults--and the goats.  The produce is always delicious.  And The Farm supports other local vendors, including bakers--Sweet Maria's, Ovens of France, and Wave Hill Breads.  What's better than being here?  Love it, live it!

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