Ukraine: The Costs and Benefits of War

Weighing costs and benefits of conflict,

The professor finds the war in Ukraine

Is a bargain for the United States:
Our materiel is crushing Mother

Russia, denuding claims of world power,

Exploding an underfed, louse-ridden

Harlot whose loose and rotting teeth lack bite.

Having made the point, why not end the war?

What is the benefit to the U.S.

Of the gaping wounds that once were vibrant

Cities? Of shattered homes? Orphaned children?

Do the counted costs include rape, torture?

When you generals go looking for war,

Whose children would you have settle the score?

United States Aid to Ukraine: An Investment Whose Benefits Greatly Exceed its Cost

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  1. I am not a fan of war, just more power and greed. It is a waste of lives and money.

    1. I agree with you. Let the tyrants settle their scores with a checker game and let life go on for the rest of us.


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