Young Odin Remembered

 Dad would be 83 today....

Young Odin on the Beach

I am thinking of you at 80
Telling me in your mind
You are 25
And railing against infirmity
As I study Mom’s photo of you
On the beach with a T-shirt in hand:
You are tall, thin, young,
And your hair is swept
In a curling wave.
She was looking up
And looking at you
When she snapped this image
Of you in your wiry youth
In that place you found home--
The water.
You are unaware of the camera
As it takes you in
By the edge of the ocean,
Eternity a mere lapping wave,
A background song,
Or so it seemed
When it was all ahead of you,
To a story that would be written
In sand
Time and again.

Remembering Dad on his 81st birthday, 24 August 2020.

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