The Latest from the War

The Ukrainians asked for MLRS from the U.S.

Joe seemed to agree.

Then Joe seemed to say no.  

So Zelenskyy said we promise not to fire them into Russia–

But give them to us please, to chase the Russians away

From our own country, our own land.

Joe said since you promise, OK. You can have them.

And we’ll do you one better and give you the HIMARS

So you can fire away before the Russians can spot you,

Kinda close the air space a little.

The Russians didn’t like that, so Dimitry Peskov said

Man, Joe, you’re escalating things.  That ain’t right.

We told you to stand by.  Don’t you get who’s in charge?

So Blinken said, Dude, who’s escalating what?  

You can stop this shit anytime.  

It’s what Zelenskyy said at the beginning:

Take your armor.  Go home to your mothers.

It’s what that grandmother said 

About putting seeds in your pockets

So when we bury you here, 

Flowers will sprout from your grave.

Get it?  

A grandmother told you that your life has no value here.

You pushed a grandmother that hard.

You can buy the sticker quoting her.

Just log on to Etsy. 

What is a cliche, a commonplace, a common sense

Suggestion, a heartfelt plea, a soulful cry

Is that you please go home.  

Let us be home. 

Let home be home.

Go where you life has value.

We will stay where our lives have value:


I have been watching the bouncing ball over what we send to Ukraine next.  It's amazing that one CNN account of how we are not sending what we said we would send--with the pretty blonde's making Biden's position of the moment seem to make sense--retracts what he promised the day before.  Then the negative feedback flies in and the position changes again.  I can't help wondering how the politics of what the people will accept figures into decisions about supporting Ukraine.  

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  1. I wish peace for Ukraine, the invasion is just wrong. Take care, enjoy your day!


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