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Skywatch Friday: No Place Like Home

  This little pond is at the bottom of the hill where I live.  It is home to Canada geese, wood ducks, mallards, swans, beaver, owls, bald eagles, and countless other critters.  Every time I take a walk along the edge of this little pond, I encounter life I never saw before:  turtles, birds, frogs.... Every winter day carries the promise of spring.  It's in the music and the air. Skywatch Friday

Our World Tuesday: Mine Hill Preserve, Roxbury, Connecticut

If ever I earned a Girl Scout badge for orientation, way-finding, or navigation--whatever following a marked trail was called in the mid-1970s--I need to hand it back.  Somehow or other, I managed to stay on a well-marked, worn trail with my dearest old friend on New Year's Eve and get lost.  How do you follow the blue dots on the trees and wind up in the middle of nowhere?  Jeanne and I school teachers.  We follow rules.  That got us, quite literally, nowhere. If this tree could talk, she might have something to say about it.  The sign she has grown around says "Furnace Site 1.0."   We came upon this sign when we found ourselves at the bottom of the blue trail, and I thought, "Ouch."  Nobody noticed the tree was growing around this sign?   Here's the furnace where pig iron took form after laborers ripped it from the clear-cut hillside that is now a preserve, the trails of which are strewn with granite and quartz.  Up the hill (if you stay with those steadfa