Please Support Cancer Survivors During the Pandemic

As the daughter of a wonderful woman who did not survive cancer but fought it like hell because she wanted to be with her family as long as she possibly could, I am making an appeal for the American Cancer Society, an organization that supported my Mom as she fought lung cancer.  The ACS made her feel human while the doctors treated her like a confounding mystery.  She never stopped smiling throughout her struggle because she never lost sight of her humanity, despite the doctors and other experts on disease and dying.

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated non-profits such as the American Cancer Society, which provides support to cancer survivors undergoing treatment, researchers working to find a cure, and everyone else by providing educational resources on how to prevent cancer in the first place.  

At the high school where I work, we were not able to host a Relay for Life event this spring that would have raised about $15,000 for the organization.  Given the unsettled, whack-a-mole nature of this pandemic, who can say what the future of fundraising looks like?  Relay events are all about being together and being in contact.  Going forward, we will have to envision a new way that creates the opportunity for connection, raises the funds, and keeps everyone safe.

Right now, though, the American Cancer Society is running a fundraiser to bring in some necessary cash.  If you can add your support by making a purchase, you'll be making a huge, positive difference in the lives of many people.  Here's the link.

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