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Cave-dweller Runs for President, Scares Everybody

I'm trying to imagine my daughter being mauled by a cave-dweller who thinks his name on the mortgage entitles him to anything and everybody within his reach.  My daughter is pretty and slender and smart and likely to find herself someday in the company of high-powered people. What happens when one of these people takes this country girl off her guard and assaults her?  She won't be ready for it because she was raised in a small town where people hold each other accountable and where people expect, and receive, decency from their neighbors. What happens when this happens?  My daughter will be totally screwed up from the pain and disappointment of the nightmare.  She'll pay for a crime few will notice or take seriously because it is still a man's world--and in that world there are moronic women (read:  Trump supporters) who will argue that she should have hauled off and slugged him and moved on, and, since she didn't, she is at fault.  That's how that goes.

If You Care About Your Future, Vote for It

Watching the debate tonight, after the narcissistic orange idiot has been revealed bragging about sexual assault, I marvel that the creep who has served nobody but himself dares to argue that he has something to offer anybody but himself while he has tried to rip apart a woman who has served this country largely outside of the limelight.  Trump is a filthy pervert who has never done anything for anybody.   And he refers to his opponent as "her."   When we were kids, my sister and I caught flak from our father for referring to our mother as "her."  She was mom, our mother, a person--a human being.  Trump can't do that when he refers to his opponent.  And his opponent is not just Hillary Clinton but every woman who has posed an obstacle to him.  It is every rule that has gotten in the way of his greed.    Finding fault with others in no way replaces real evidence of capability.   Watching the debate tonight made me sick.  Hillary Clinton is