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Remembering September 11

It's hard to believe that 15 years have passed since 9/11.  Adella was several weeks shy of her third birthday that day, and we seldom had the TV on then.  I had a lousy cell phone that I kept in the car for emergencies.  The world beyond our little town in the Connecticut woods was far away every day as we enjoyed sunshine and, cool air, and pretty spaces.  Adella and I went to the public library that day for a children's program, and the other mom's there were whispering about a terrible accident at the World Trade Center.  I got the drift of the news and drove away after the library program to put off the inevitable discovery of how our world had changed for the worse that day.  I put out a blanket at a nearby state park and watched Adella napped for a while.   What a luxury:  to put off the bad news, the horrible truth, the unchangeable horror, the desperate realization that people can be persuaded to do horrible things to innocent people in the name of some mi