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Memorial Day, 2016

Here in Woodbury, the speakers were not working when the Memorial Day keynote speaker, a WWII veteran of the Pacific theater  who saw Hiroshima shortly after the bombing, shared his thoughts with the town.  His bottom line:  The bombing was necessary because it saved American lives.   This, from a gentleman who was part of the armed forces in the Pacific theater at the time of the bombing but who had no idea what the US had done.  He knew only that he was an American and that the fight was a  good fight. I cannot argue with an elderly gentleman in army dress on a 90-degree day telling me that a specific military move was necessary.  Nor would I-and not only because I was raised to respect my elders.  I was never taught the knee-jerk respect that asks no questions.  I was taught the respect that is based on humility that reveals itself in the willingness to hear what my elders have to say and to appreciate that my experience, whatever it is, is less than that of my elders.  This


How do such simple life forms create such beautiful homes?  How does nature transform their homes into fossils that remember everything, even those soft spots become holes that become the declivities that say life goes on, and the story will endure?  The story.  It's everything. And we are sand passing through the hourglass.