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Skywatch Friday: Metal Detector

The day I took this photo, I was very focused on the magnificent sunrise.  I am always transfixed by the sunrise in this magical place.  I did not notice the treasure hunter with his back to the sun until just the other day.  In search of lost or forgotten things, he is missing quite the treasure behind him. Skywatch Friday

Wordless Wednesday: Sand

Wordless Wednesday

Memorial Day: It's all Small-town

I hope you will watch this humble little video of the Memorial Day parades in Woodbury and Bethlehem, Connecticut, over this past weekend. It captures images of World War II, Vietnam, Korea, and other veterans along with the men, women, and children of these small towns who are part of organizations--scouts, garden clubs, fire departments, churches--that make daily life in America a very pleasant thing. Watching these parades, I was thunderstruck by the size and number of rescue vehicles these town have. These are two small, rural towns in northwestern Connecticut where things tend not to burn down and people tend not to need rescue. Neverthless, when the day comes and people need help, we can provide it. And the citizenry of these towns clearly want to because they have voluntarily undergone training to rescue others, and the townspeople have provided the funds to make rescue possible. I think a few schoolbuses ought to join the parade, because they, too, represent the Ameri

Our World Tuesday: Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend involved two parades for Adella:  one in Woodbury and one in Bethlehem.  They are humble and lovely events that honor the memory of those men and women who have given their lives in war.  People shout, "Happy Memorial Day!", and I wonder what that means.  But here we are, happy for what we have and aware of and grateful to those who help make it possible.  Here is the color guard in Woodbury. And here is a miniature pony all decked out in our colors for the day.  Here is the band.  The pale child in the center sure did catch some rays! Here is the empty table honoring prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action.  The Civil War reenactors gave a final salute to the fallen.  What's to say but, "Amen"?  Our World Tuesday

Today's Flowers: Petunias

These petunias were for sale at BJ's on Saturday.  They were very beautiful for flowers spending their days in a parking lot. Today's Flowers

Skywatch Friday: Moondance

This very grainy picture captures my daughter and her friend dancing in the moonlight on the beach.  I took it last month when were on vacation in heaven.  Our walk on the beach was full of magic:  so many people were enjoying the extra light that made enjoying the beach at a late hour possible.  This particular beach is pretty special because the people who are out there at night are there for exactly the same reason:  because it's there.  There is nothing else to do but be there under the moon contemplating that big mystery at your feet and taking in the cool damp of the sand and the silence created by the incoming waves.  To want that is to want that.  That's all. Skywatch Friday

Our World Tuesday: Flowers, Finally

 After a long winter and a spring that has come and gone back to winter in fits and starts, the flowers are finally having the last word.  Even last year's grocery store tulips are making a showing for themselves.  Then there are the pansies that faced near-freezing tempertures a few nights last week.  Here they are doing what comes naturally.  Our back, the myrtle made its way through a heavy coat of winter debris. On Mother's Day, this hibiscus from my sister promised summer with no looking back!  Amen. Our World Tuesday Flowers from Today

Skywatch Friday: Birds Greeting the Morning Light

These sun-worshiping birds are actually waiting for the fishermen at the other end of the pier to get breakfast going for them. Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday: Delicate Dunes

Skywatch Friday