Today's Flowers: Cold and Hard, Connecticut

From November 5, 2011
From November 5, 2011
There are no flowers in my world at the moment, so I've had to go down memory lane to find a few images for today. Ironically, I happened upon these photos I took in Connecticut shortly after that nightmare, the freak snowstorm that left us in the cold and dark for almost two weeks at the end of last October. 

During that time, our governor and the president of the electric company had told us to suck it up because they had the power to tell us to suck it up. It was a horrible week that reminded me that, as the Irish saying goes, it's easy to rest on another man's wounds. Our leaders were fine with our dilemma because they were warm and clean and well-fed while we were running around looking for places to shower and cook. (One of my strongest memories of that time was the Chinese lady who popped out of the public library with a rice steamer in her hand bragging to me that she had just cooked her family's supper in the stacks.) 

I emerged from that week cold and tired and grateful for my parents' support but deeply angry at the way the state and the power company treated tax payers, rate payers, human beings. I emerged from that week totally screwed up, hating control freaks, dreading the cold, anticipating the next outage, loathing snow for its power to reduce me to Wilma Flintstone. 

I have been in North Carolina for almost a month, and I have to say that I do not miss Connecticut. Connecticut--the home I have always adored--broke my heart,and I did what the broken-hearted do: I got the hell away. There are warmer places, and you can go there to thaw out the heart. I am wondering if the time will come when my heart will crave the hard cold of Connecticut and the do-it-your-own-damned-self-if-you-really-care-to-live that is the true meaning of being there. I don't know. All I know is I loved it once.

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  1. That was such an unbelievable mess in Connecticut last October and I sure would feel the very same way you did/do!! I'm so happy you're finally in the place you wanted so to be anyway! The stories I hear about politicians everywhere are enough to make ones blood run cold -- or boil! Your captures are exquisite as always, Sandy -- cold or not! Have a wonderful day!


  2. Kind of reminds me of what the people of New Orleans went through during Katrina while the leadership dithered, dallied, and postured.

  3. Cant think that we have suffered as much as that, but you certainly got great photos from the experience Sandy.

  4. Ah we are always told to make sure to have survivor kits at home
    The BBQ with charcoal, Propane tanks, to heat hot water They sell the units for camping. Tents, warm clothing, gas generators.Today solar panels keep your computers and such running.
    In Quebec my Dad went through a major snow storm without electricity for a few weeks but he had a franklin stove in the house and he always bought wood in the fall so he had warmth and something to cook food on and food they had a lot of cause of a stocked freezer. There was no worry about food spoilage lol
    Other people had no food or warmth and it was not so good for them.Especially farmers suffered a loss of cattle.
    I also want to make sure I am ready for something like this but with my family its hard to do. Sometimes alone you fare better.
    Our lifestyle makes us feel like we are entitled but really everything we have is a gift. Nothing replaces self sufficiency.
    The only thing I don't like is when they charge you for no services given.

  5. We got short changed by these guys Sandy! They just want to wallow in power for their own. Great thoughts and great pics.


  6. hm... not any good experiences, I think.. But I'm glad you like it in N Carolina! :) And you can sit and watch from there the cold and hard pics from Connecticut.. I haven't been to any of the two states.. well, I have even never been to USA.. but I wish I could go one day.. The problem is.. I don't like much to fly..

    Have a lovely Sunday! :)

    Here in my town Spring has come.. :)

  7. See, now you're gloating just as I'm always accused of doing. But WE know that we are CELEBRATING!

  8. I hope your new home really feels like the home of your heart. That's where it really counts. Hard to find though...

    Hugs, G

  9. time and experiences change where you are comfortable and love it!

  10. That sounds like a nightmare! Glad you got yourself to a better place.

  11. Pepco is no better. Love the image of the rice cooker! Hope NC has good weather in April, my kids are headed to Nags Head. Love Groupons!

  12. I find North Carolina to be a lovely place. :)
    I was lucky to retire and move back to the place that 'built me' so I know that feeling of loving where I am.
    I hope as time goes on you'll remember only the things that you loved and gave you happiness. It's there in your heart. It just might be supressed for a little while.

    Love that first shot showing the veining in the leaf!

  13. I'm still sad for you -- and everyone I don't know -- about the way that was handled and am so tempted to go all political using this your former state as a bad example....but this isn't the time and I haven't the talent. But I am thankful that you landed in a great spot.

  14. The wounds are still too fresh, and you have a new love. But maybe someday, not too soon, you'll enjoy some good memories of Connecticut. For now, enjoy the moment.

  15. Have you moved to NC permanently? I still remember my stay in Durham very fondly.
    Here we indeed have flowers currently and it fees like spring.
    Lovely captures and I do recall the devastating storm you mention and the aftermath that affected you deeply...


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