One Single Impression: Wrong

From December 31, 2011
Is there a wrong way
To look at what this is?
May I see a haunted face
And wonder at the haunting?
A lonely face and
Wonder who is not here?
A hungry face
And feel shame,
For I have offered nothing?

This is a stone with holes
That suggest to me face.
It is a mother stone like so many others
On this beach.

Mother stones:
They all have faces
They all tell stories
They all wait to be found
They all beckon.

All suggest a miracle
In their cry
And the silence.

One Single Impression


  1. I often see things in stones. Not just color and form. Rocks have so much to say. Love this poem.

  2. What a powerful post. Mickie :)

  3. "They all have faces
    They all tell stories
    They all wait to be found "

    Very thought provoking.

  4. This is awesome Sandy. I love the thoughts you attached to the stone. It created a great combination.

    Have a great Saturday.

  5. Shocked into silence and turned to stone.
    Sandy - love this shot and your wonderful words, glad you still have words and not changed to

  6. This is so very beautiful indeed and, as always, I love your words and how you can turn something so simple into something so wonderful! Have a lovely weekend!


  7. Very fine poem and great post, Sandy!

  8. wow powerful images, love your last stanza!!!

  9. A Mother stone.
    Now this is a different concept. I never heard of such a stone.

    Well done Sandy :)
    I am going to look for Mother stones now :)

  10. Anonymous9:44 PM

    it is all about attitude...well said!

  11. I love those stones. You surely did attack it with a poet's bent. I like your poem.

    One could also see from an engineer's view about the water dripping, dripping, on it until the holes were made. Then the engineer would get out his calculator or slide rule if he's old and find how long it dripped and how much water it took. Easy way out would be to calculate the amount water in number of drips.
    Was that in differential calculus or differential equations that we figured this? :)

  12. Yes they do! The all beckon us to observe more closely those things around us! Thanks Hun!

  13. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I enjoyed this very much. On the subject of "Face Rocks", I thought this might interest you:

  14. Sandy: Love your little stone man. I see him laughing at a great story.

  15. A very powerful take on the prompt Sandy.. look forward to your visit to my page..

  16. A perfect interpretation.

  17. The last stanza really caught me. Very moving.

  18. First line is striking. Is there a wrong way to look at what is this?

    There is no wrong or right way, I guess. All just a point of view.

  19. So beautiful and reflective. I just loved this poem immensely Sandy.

  20. Fantastic! What an interesting picture to match perfectly with your poem. You always leave me in awe...

  21. we can see a face in evrything.. sky, stones, rivers etc.
    A positive face or sometimes a negative one.


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