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From September 10, 2011

Clyde is this week's blessing. Adella and I adopted him in July, 2010, after he had been passed over by three women and gone on the SPCA road show from here to Jersey and back again. Nobody wanted him. That was because he was waiting for Adella. This otherwise skittish, neurotic, insecure Dachshund mix who doesn't much like many--any--other people, is as gentle and pliable as can be with her.
After we had brought him home, I took him outside for a walk. When we got back, I had taken the leash off his collar at the door. Bad idea, that. He flipped his lid, growled at me, yapped, did a few laps around the house, and found his way to the back door, where he cowered in a corner until Adella came. That was the end of him and me for a while.
A little at a time, he has come to trust me. It's been a slow go, but Friday night he let me cuddle with him and stuck around long enough to fall asleep with me on the couch. This morning, he took a long walk with me while Adella was out. Of course, he awaited her return from the top of her bed. He let me take a break from the housework and take a nap there, too. I couldn't resist cuddling him up in Adella's baby blanket. He was so relaxed, he let me take a picture--after a few minutes of fumbling with Adella's phone until I found the camera feature. Times change. Slowly.
Clyde hsa taught me:
1. Neurotics take up a loto f everybody's time.
2. If you can love only one person at a time, do it, and do it right.
3. Cheese is yummy any time of day or night.
4. When you're a doxy, small is a state of other people's minds.
5. The right person comes along. 

From September 17, 2011

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  1. blessing indeed!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    We are crazed moving!

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  2. Sometimes all that is necessary is to take a moment to write them down and be amazed at how long the list becomes. Lovely post, Sandy!


  3. Those two smiling faces are blessings in themselves. Love just beams from them both. Dogs always come into our lives to teach us things. It looks like Clyde is doing a great job.

  4. P.S. I don't know what a hub is but I do know my blessings. One at the top of the list is my dog Luna. She came to us as a neurotic mess. Now she is just neurotic. So much improved. Almost a real dog now. She has taught me patience, patience and more patience. Believe me I needed that.

  5. Well this cute little dog is blessed and now you know to calm him down to keep Adellas smell with you lol
    It sure is hard to live tense for so long and who knows what he went through before the SPCA got him.
    but he looks happy so he'll settle down as he learns to forget and develops trust.Love conquers all.

  6. Oh he's such a sweetheart and I like that he has a special connection with your daughter. So sweet.

  7. This adoptee believes that you are a wonderful person.

  8. Darling dog and I love your list of the lessons you've learned from him -- I am glad for him and for your daughter too that they got together -- and glad he's learning to trust you.

  9. I'm here via Google Reader, seems ok so far. I wrote a lengthy comment yesterday but it didn't go through. anyways, this was one of my favorite posts here Sandy. It is so true what you say about love, so true. And the experience that Clyde went through, could be Cheddar, in the feline context. He was passed over, again and again. Not good enough looking, people said, now look at the gorgeous orange hunk!!!!

    I LOVE the pic of Dell and Clyde, so cute. Look at the smiles. You've all brought a big one to my day too.

    Hope there's no more computer ???'s

    Many hugs, G

  10. PS: Just came back for another look. That expression on Clyde's face in the first photo is absolutely priceless. Contest material if I ever saw it. And Dell is so beautiful.

    Hugs to all of you. Thinking of you this chilly BC morning, G

  11. Aw, he's so cute! Glad you rescued him and I know dogs have much to teach us if we let them.


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