One Single Impression: Phantom

Do not slip away
Without a word
When I am not looking,


Put on your climbing shoes and go
And climb
And by all means keep climbing

Until you find in yourself
A substantial thing
I can call by name,

Even if it takes you forever.

And then come home.

One Single Impression

One Single Impression

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  1. Wow, that is awesome both prose and photograph put together they are just... wow!

    A fabulous read, thank you

  2. That photo looks like a huge old bird about to snatch something. Great poem to accompany the pic.

  3. Hi Sandy ~~ You poet has a knack for the right words. And he/she is very forgiving, 'wait(ing) forever).'
    I feel for him/her.
    I liked your picture. This prompt does not really lend itself to photos.

  4. A beautiful post. Both photo and poem are very fine.

  5. Oh, I really love this. And what a great picture!

  6. I know of what you speak Sandy. This is truly beautiful, sad but so much hope to complete these thoughts. The photo is amazing too.

    Here's to a week of clarity in perceptions. May 'the way' become crystal clear...

    Hugs, G

  7. PS: And thank you SO much for this suggestion of authors:

    A dream/goal I have been reaching for, for a long time. This just might be my time to make this one happen.

  8. I will rate this as the best poem I read have told in such an easy smoothly about phantoms that live within us..A BIG THANK YOU!

  9. Hauntingly beautiful and mysterious. Love the poem and the photo which looks to me like it could be an angel or a dove.

  10. Brilliant! I love your take on the prompt.

  11. Anonymous7:17 PM

    "... and then come home...." took my breath away.. makes this all so complete in every way....

  12. I've missed your poems.
    There is always something about them...

    ( sorry for the long "break" . I promise I wil read every post. it's just been one of those seasons... )


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