One Single Impression: Manifest

From Apr 9, 2011

Turtles manifest time...

So much so steady so slow

So long.

In spring, I carry turtles
Across the road--
Snappers mostly
Though they never do
And box turtles
And painted turtles...

I hold the history of the world
Alive and steady
Still and sure

Accepting me

In the time it takes to cross
Two lanes of asphalt.

This week I moved
The remains
Of four painted turtles
Crushed under the weight

Of hurry, and I cried.

Without time, there is no mercy.

Every day this time of year
I walk in search of turtles

Who don't otherwise stand a chance,
Though I am nothing.

What is time?

What is mercy?

One Single Impression

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  1. You will go to Heaven Sandy, what a caring person you are.

  2. Wonderful poem, Sandy. WP and I love the turtles, too. We do what we can to preserve and care for them. Would that all people cared enough to take the time; our planet and its creatures would be so much better off!

  3. that's quite a title for your resume-turtle carrier-I'm sure God is pleased that you help protect His creatures.

  4. Great poem. There is something about turtles that resonates with people. There are some Galapagos turtles at our local zoo that are incredibly old. Its like they are both a bridge to our past and to our future.

  5. very much like the snails and even myself in the past two weeks. i had the busiest week.

    taking time.

  6. It is you and the world is a better place because of you. Thank you Sandy, for all the turtles, and for me.

  7. Thank you for caring, for your passion for nature and life. These words are so YOU and, yes, the world is a better place because of you. Wish there were more of you!! Have a beautiful weekend, Sandy!


  8. People are becoming crueller these days. I know at our country place they see an animal on the road, they speed up. The laws are on their side.They blame the owner if the pet damages their car. Sick.

  9. The turtles are moving here too. We have seen really large turtles that we don't normally see on the road out and about due to all the flooding around here. I am so sad when one doesn't make it across safely.

  10. So moving, so sad and so beautiful too. Your love of turtles is evident in all your posts about these gentle creatures.

    Hugs, G

  11. Beautiful, beautiful writing.

  12. Anonymous7:21 PM

    a deep bow in respect of your ability to teach.

    daily athens

  13. But we will always combat futility. Great words.

  14. It's people like you who make others stop and think about how precious life is...or humans and of turtles.

  15. Hi Sandy, this one ended on a sad note. But yes, we--all of creation--are tenderly made and very easily crushed. I like us humans to ants in that respect.

    My favorite lines are
    Snappers mostly
    Though they never do
    And box turtles
    And painted turtles...

    Snappers seldom snap
    box turtles can't box
    and painted don't paint

  16. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I love the way you tell that Sandy... and the information you give of turtles in both words and picture...very nice!!

  17. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Such a sad tale and so beautifully written.

  18. Your take and the picture are both very beautiful.
    But sad and concerning too.

  19. Anonymous2:57 AM

    What a caring person you are Sandy...I could relate anyway with your being so kind as I am too!

    God bless your kind heart!

    Am back Sandy writing for OSI but in a wordpress plaftform now coz I got some problem with my blogspot...

    here is the link:

    have a nice day...and I wish to have turtles too! :)

  20. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Intelclub is Amity Sandy...sorry... I made the wrong name...:)

  21. Beautiful poem Sandy. I love turtles so this poem is a real treat. Nicely written.

  22. Beautiful poem on a moving topic. Every little helps. For the turtles you are an angel.


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