One Single Impression: Fancy

You know those got-nothing moments when that is the absolute truth and you step straight into it without question and you realize there is nothing to want even in the cold because

Things are so uncertain:
Seventy degrees and sunny today
Fifty-five and pelting rain tomorrow
And you're not ready for it
We know this by your thin jacket
And the summer shoes
You just won't put away

But you know if you forget about it
And stand there in the puddle and think

"I am barefoot,"

It all


So very good

Because you're up to your knees in water
In fact you have become the tall grass
That takes what little the sun has to offer
Through that grey mess of autumn sky
And you make of it a song and dance
You are lithe, beautiful

Drinking light

Never moving,

And shocking the neighbors
By the indecent honesty and openness
(My God, we can all see you there)
With which you live in your body
With which you dance in the light
With which you turn the swamp

Into a song.

My God, you make it look easy

As easy as you are yourself
(We have been watching for some time now).

Is this a dance?
A seduction?

I'd run if I weren't standing beside you
Up to my knees in the tall drink

We call life.

One Single Impression


  1. Just a wonderful piece! Thanks

  2. And if we ran, we would only find there is no place to go.

  3. what a fun celebration in poetry of life!

  4. You bring poetry into many lives everyday, Sandy! Today is one more! Thanks for the reminder and for the beauty! Enjoy!


  5. Excellent. Enjoyed it very much.

  6. Absolutely beautiful Sandy. I read it as a prayer of gratitude.

  7. Just lovely, Sandy!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


  8. Sandy, it's beautiful.

  9. Straight from the heart.

  10. You made me remember taking my daughter out to splash and dance through puddles in the Texas autumn. What beautiful images, Sandy.

  11. Honest and wonderful...such power and surrender in your words! Lovely.

  12. Very well written, Sandy.

  13. What a wonderful piece. It makes me jealous of someone so comfortable and free in who they are.

  14. Shouldn't we always be celebrating and dancing? This piece reminds me of being young and thinking life could be like that. Thank you for reminding me ( I go!).

  15. that flows so well...!

  16. This is a vivid and moving piece...wonderful storytelling in your beautiful poetry. I really enjoyed this one!!

  17. I love the way you wrote this, there is a way in your conversation that catches me and makes me lean in to hear the story, to feel and understand.

  18. Oh Sandy~ I just love your writing- how you converse with us and draw us in to celebrate all that is good in life. Loved it!

  19. Oh Sandy this is so real and beautiful. God but you paint such lovely word paintings. Just love it.


  20. One always feels unprepared, lagging. But ready? Hell yes! Truly there is nothing to want….

    Another beauty! Thank you.

  21. This is a beautiful poem. Well done!


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