One Single Impression: Choices

My choices are simple

I awaken to the sound
Of my breathing
And rise to

The song of the birds.

I step in time with the beat
Of my heart

Into sunlight.

Beside me:
Engaged in the ritual
Of waking to the light
Moving with light
Growing with light

To become the color
And perfume
Of here and now.

Birds sing.
Birds fly.

I breathe.
I walk.

It is all breath and pulse,

All choice.

One Single Impression


  1. All true.. all beautiful.

  2. I like the simplicity of your choices and certainly the way you express this simplicity....a place for everything and everything in it's place.

  3. lovely poem, we are one or can be-nature and man

  4. "To become the color
    And perfume
    Of here and now."

    I wish I were like a wildflower.

    Thank you for this lovely poem.

  5. Beautiful thoughts and words to begin my day, Sandy! I love the simplicity of the words, the depth of the meaning. Enjoy the day!


  6. Simple choices can make life really beautiful...and a Beautiful poem to say that, Sandy :)


  7. The last line sums it all beautifully. This poem left me with the feeling "Everything is simple and beautiful."

    Sandy, this was wonderful.

    Came over from Myrna's. Congratulations on the award!

    Joy always,

  8. Beautiful words of inspiration. Much appreciated.

  9. I really like the rhythm of this poem, very much like the rhythm of breath or the pulse. Lovely.

  10. Beautiful one as usual

  11. Your choices are well made.

  12. Isn't that the truth. We are our choices for the most part.

  13. I like a story I recently hear. An elderly gentleman was moving into a very small apartment. The family told him about the color of the walls and the furniture. He said ,"I like it, I will be happy there." How do you know that his family asked. You haven't seen it yet. He said "I've decided to be happy there.

    An Arkies Musings

  14. Your choice of words and images is excellent.

  15. Love the idea of first breath and pulse of each day being part of personal choice!

  16. Simple choices, simply beautiful.

  17. Being alive and how to live it. It is a choice too. I find that and so much more in your verse.

    ode to shoes

  18. very simple take, Sandy, yet ur simplicity holds more truth and beauty than any big words would give! :)

    My OSI

  19. Great words - as always.

  20. Simple choice for truth is simple.
    Beautiful words.

  21. Sandy Yesterday, I was reading This Dancing Ground of Sky by Peggy Pond Church and this poem reminded me of One Single Impression: Choices


    Alas, my love I grow older.
    The nights seem colder.
    Morning no longer
    sings me awake as it used to
    with birds or the sound of fish leaping.
    The nets that I cast for my dreams are torn and too heavy
    to lift out of the draining water.

    Day breaks and I lie in my bed
    like a chick
    feeling my warmth curved
    close as a shell around me.
    There is frost on the window.
    Ice crystals live and
    growing into forests.
    The sun will rise soon and melt them.
    The slow fires that burn in my blood
    even while I sleep, and keep it moving,
    do not warm me as well as they used to.
    The stars seem colder.

    I do not dream of love anymore,
    only sometimes of death in deep waters.
    What will it seem like, I wonder, not to waken?
    The world will go on, I know--
    summer and winter,
    morning and evening,
    birds coming back in spring,
    the rivers carving valleys
    and filling them up again,
    seas rising and falling.
    But what when the eye does not wake
    to see or the heart to sing it?

    How I begrudge the body's slow death;
    would rather be seized and eaten
    by an eagle or a sharp fish
    than by this inward worming.
    Must we live at the last in a house with dirty windows
    and doors that will not open,
    the chimneys clogged and the hearthfire grown too sluggish
    to make real flames anymore?
    To desire nothing anymore
    except sleep?
    If one could only spin some kind of a cocoon
    and then wait mindless
    as a caterpillar that winters on a bare branch.

    This poem might have followed your poem....many years later.

  22. You really choose so well.. make it all so simple Sandy..its delight reading you..

  23. spiritual and beautiful words!

  24. Anonymous5:56 PM

    ... sigh .. what a joy for the senses. Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

    daily athens

  25. Wonderfully written post! =)


  26. So beautiful Sandy!!! Your words always touch my heart! Thanks

  27. yes, it is all a wonderful choice, lovely piece Sandy.

  28. I enjoy this nice poem with its attractive images!

  29. yup it all comes down to breath and pulse...and I choose them both! Beautiful poem Sandy- have a lovely week!

  30. What beautiful live and love the simplicity of life and enjoy the things around you. Nicely written Sandy.

  31. Simply beautiful choices in life Sandy, I loved it! :)

    It is in simple things that we enjoy life the most, right?

    Then I am with you here in your poem!

  32. Wish it were always that simple for me. But, I suppose, that in itself is a choice.

    Thanks, Sandy.

  33. A very thought provoking little poem you have Sandy. For instance I really don't like to think about whether or not I should breathe. But I could choose not to. Brrr!

  34. Simple but beautiful choice made the life more meaningful.


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