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Because of my own carelessness, my daughter's Dachshund Clyde ran away yesterday and didn't return until five this morning. From the time he bolted through the (duh) open door until I went to sleep last night, I walked the beaches of Topsail, questioned vacationers, drove through neighborhoods, and prayed he would return. I notified the police, the beach patrol, the elderly gentleman picking cans and bottles from the trash at the park--everyone--that Clyde was missing. Up went a video on YouTube and some local sites asking for Clyde's safe return. We did all we could think of doing to bring that dog home.

In my heart I knew there was nothing to do but wait. He would have to come home on his own. Still, there was no way I could stop looking for my daughter's dog. No way I could shoot the philosophical angle of wait-and-see over this dog she loves so much.

Della was three hours into the trip home when she received my call that Clyde had run away. The car turned around and she joined the search party.

We stood on the beach after supper yesterday and I apologized again for losing the dog. "It's all my fault, Dell," I said to her. "I know, mom, but I don't blame you." She hugged me. I cried. The search went on.

The elderly gentleman in the park had told me, "You'll be blessed," when he took my number and said he'd let me know if he found Clyde. "I'm waiting for it," I thought bitterly as I got ready for bed but there was no dog.

Yet I knew. I had been blessed. By my daughter's gracious love. By the man who cycled all over Surf City for me looking for the pup. By the vacationers who told me what they knew and sincerely promised they'd do what they could. By the lady at the police station who took down all my information and told me she hoped I'd find the dog--and to be sure to tell her if I did. By the man at the park who promised a blessing; he didn't let me forget that life is a blessing even in situations like this one. There were so many.

Last night we left some of Adella's clothes on the front porch. I hoped Clyde would get a whiff of his best buddy and come home. Did that do it? I don't know. But he was here in the morning and in Adella's arms. And he was remarkably clean. Today he has been remarkably grateful for the soft cushions on the furniture outside and for my steadfast attention. He knows where life is good. We have been tethered to each other all day. I'm a slow learner, but when I get it, I get it.

I have learned that you do all you can and then you go to sleep, peacefully, knowing that life takes care of itself. It really does. My last prayer last night? "Clyde, come home." Life does take care of itself. The trick is to be the place with the soft cushions for the ones you love.

P.S. Here's Dell's blog about Clyde and her take on the nightmare that ended well.

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  1. What a wonderfully happy ending.

  2. A beautiful post as always and such a happy ending! I'm so glad Clyde found his way home. We are so protective of our two, although we're fortunate to like in very "doggie friendly" neighborhood. Most all our neighbors have dogs that are as spoiled and loved as ours. You have added a lovely glow to my evening, Sandy! And, yes, lots of soft cushions!! Have a beautiful Sunday!


  3. Oh this makes me cry. I know the horrific feeling of the escaping pet. I'm so glad he came home, mostly for your sake; that guilt would have been with you a long time.

    I woke in a panic myself this morning after finding the screen off the bathroom window where the cat tries to catch bugs. I pictured her leaping for a bug and falling three stories to the ground. She's deaf and would never survive the outside. I looked frantically for her in my pj's, afraid to tell Alex that I left my window open. But when I finally came back in the house trying to decide what to do next, she came from where ever she was and greeted me with a meow as if saying, "where have you been, I've been looking everywhere for you and I'm hungry." Dang cat.

    I'm so glad Clyde came home!

  4. You are right, Sandy. Life does take care of itself. God will not give you more than you can handle. But you may be surprised how much you can handle.
    Several years ago our blind dog, Toto, disappeared. Three days later Kelley, our neighbor girl, found her with a pack of dogs coming down our street.
    Kelley had her come in. She was the muddiest thing I have ever seen I a dog. I hope and will pray that Clyde comes home too.

  5. Not for posting:

    The One Single Impression blog is messed up again. Only Leo's poem appears and a short discussion.

    There is no side bar and no Mr. Linky nor is there any of the older posts.

    This may be about all that you can handle???? :)

  6. Anonymous4:36 AM

    When I first moved to GA one of my cats went missing... I was torn apart with guilt and worry... and I prayed. Please Lord, bring Gandalf home.

    And at 3am, He did. It was about 15 hours of sheer horrible, and one of the worst ways in the world to meet your new neighbors.

    I'm so glad Crazy Clyde is home!

  7. Aww! Bless your heart!! I can just imagine how heart sick you were. I am so glad that the Lord protected Clyde and helped him return home. To the place of love and soft cushions!!
    Hugging you Sandy

  8. I'm glad Clyde found his way back home. Thanks for the story and the message. Sometimes it is hard to accept the blessings that life has for us because we don't recognize things as blessings at the time.

  9. What a blessing! I left your daughter a comment too.

  10. Nothing worse than losing someone elses dog. We are dogsitting Ollie this week. He is a toy poodle that doesn't come when called. Has never been trained. Don't make that mistake. Train that dog. They are hard headed but so smart. It will be worth the effort. I am so glad he came home.

  11. So happy he came back. Hate when the dog slips out the door...

  12. I have a little dog and I am always petrified to lose her. Sometimes they are so quiet you never hear them and then by the time you notice them gone, they already had a good sprint around town lol
    So glad to hear it all ended well. lol


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