One Single Impression: Thinking

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I am thinking
The flowers
In my parents' garden
Thrive because they are there
Because they watch them
They wait and watch and wonder
If they will thrive

And they try everything
Manicuring trees
That might get in the way
Of the light.

Watching the light
Questioning the quality
Of the earth

Adding a fence
To protect the young and unguarded
From rabbits and the dog

The flowers thrive

In all this thinking

Bees come
Nobody flinches
Nobody swats away
The miracle workers

There are people
Thinking of ways
To attract the bees
To stay alive

That's what all this is about

Think. Watch.
Flowers thrive.
Bees come.

Think. Watch.


My parents watch from their
Patio chairs.
Thinking about flowers,
They protect my inheritance

And yours

Even if they
Never spared you

A thought.


  1. lovely thoughts, we are all interdependent including the plant and animal worlds and US.

  2. Very nice. Sometimes things happen because of us and sometimes in spite of us.

  3. I love your take on this prompt Sandy! This could all be true!!!

    I posted mine early too. ;<)

    Happy Weekend, G

  4. Your parents must be wonderful gardeners as most gardeners are to put all that thought and love into their flowers. This photo looks to be of a fairy's thinking cap. A very thought full and thought provoking poem.

  5. I thought (after all, isn't that what this prompt was about?) I'd have a go at this one myself this week. But dang Sandy, you set the bar awfully high. Oh well. For better or it is

  6. What an amazing post my dear friend! We all should try to be a little bit greener and produce some more oxygen for this world. Plus these flowers are so pretty to look at!

  7. Sandy: Beautiful capture to go with this neat story.

  8. Positive energy feeds the earth - it feeds all of us.

    Very nice.

  9. your camera is my eyes\your mouth fill my ears
    your mind thinks of the Holy Gost\
    That created nother nasture
    Which man suffers

  10. Anonymous9:17 PM

    lovely post..

    life is beautiful...

  11. A very beautiful post. I have planted flowers this year to attract bees and butterflies.

    This afternoon I was out taking photos of bees covered in pollen.

    Beautiful photo.

  12. Have they always doen this or just in retirement? I love people who take care of the flowrs so they become beautiful and multiply and I can capture their neaurty with my camera.

    Today, I was taking an extra long time, trying to get a shot jsut right and a lady across the street beyond a fence and weed filled yard asked me what I was doing. I told her . . . making paper memories! (It was none of her business! If a person grows beautiful flowers without puting a fence to hide them, then they are meant for everyone to pause and take home memories.

  13. Beautiful picture! Beautiful thoughts!

  14. I begin really well my day with this dream post, Sandy. :-)

  15. Thoughtful post.
    Without bees, we would not survive........ for long.

  16. Nice. I am there looking at the scene :)

  17. What a lovely photo to go with a lovely poem.

  18. A vitally important message in this. From the heart.

  19. I feel enlightened by the way nature -- the ecosystem through its diverse cycles -- offers lessons for us to understand and appreciate life..if enlightened is not too much to claim...and definitely, i'm still learning :)

    Very nice poem, Sandy :)


  20. I like to think
    that the white flower
    can reveal
    the secret of the words
    and of the silence.

  21. The picture was very beautiful... but I really took to the poem.. A beautiful posting Sandy.

    My blogsposts today show: Road Names and My Dad

  22. Your parents were described so lovingly in this poem...I got such a sense of safety while reading it. There was a real depth of meaning really struck me. Beautiful.

  23. lots to think about here, it's so direct, almost casual in your choice of words, I like to of this as a tribute to life and how easy it is if we don't think too much about it

  24. That's a pretty image to go with the lovely poetry!

  25. This is a wonderful idea to plant! It's always seemed to me easier to imagine the ill a person's actions may cause in the larger world, so it's good to think of the unknown good we can cause, instead.

  26. Enjoyable read...I not only think about my plants...I talk to them.

    They do know...I care and at times, I feel they smile at their own way.

  27. The real life feel of your words put me there watching what you are watching. I felt this as if I was living it along with you.

  28. Dear Sandy,

    i have come across yourself and your comments on blogs I've been following - so i've visited your one now.

    Am adding your to my favourites even before I read deeper into your writing.

    Wow, feeling very happy to visit here,

    Will visit some more, sending much care,

    Michelle in Wellington, NZ

  29. For some reason the photo wouldn't load for me, but the poem is spectacular without it. That kind of thought for nature, for nurturance, that is what we need more of in this world.

  30. A grand inheritance.

  31. Sharing and caring is where it's at! A lovely tribute to the prompt and parents.

  32. as usual you get to match the photos with the best thoughts.

  33. you have so eloquently expressed what my i have been feeling lately..

  34. Your words are like liquid gold flowing from you mind, so delightful. Thanks for sharing, Sandy

  35. This is simply beautiful. A tribute to the active gaze. Your parents’ nurture takes wing in your writing.

  36. aside from the sentiments wonderfully presented, allow me to say that i like the line break and pauses here :-)

    reminds me of my parents taking care of our garden

  37. Anonymous12:43 PM

    very different! good thought!

    i live in an apartment so no garden unfortunately... still u painted a picture with ur words!

  38. Anonymous12:55 PM

    awesome !! :)

  39. Anonymous5:42 PM

    You know I love this poem and that photo. Did you inherit the gardening gene?

  40. Wonderfully put Sandy...and so very poignant~

  41. Sandy, you have lovely thoughts of your parents' idle moment. I am not sure I have time for those, we all need to.
    You can see I'm way behind. Been thinking too long. I wished.
    Thank you for using the prompt, I have enjoyed it a whole lot. :-)

  42. Great post! For some reason, "questioning the quality of the earth" stood out to me. Maybe it's an analogy I have going on in my own little brain life, the earth. Thanks. Your words and photos always make me think. XX

  43. I love this, especially the way you so lovingly speak of your parents and how they are trying to do their part on this fragile earth.
    (I don't swat bees - only wasps. No, that's not true--I flee!)



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