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I had the opportunity Monday night to catch some Yankee baseball with my three favorite people--daughter Adella and nephews Alex and Adam. With their fathers, we took the train into New York and took in the scenery along the way. The train was full of similarly relaxed and happy people bent on the same purpose and similarly dressed in their blue-and-white team-related regalia; the journey felt like a gigantic school field trip.

The kids thought it was cool and neat and awesome when trains flew by in the opposite direction, when the elevated train roared over their heads, when our conductor said, though he was a Red Sox fan, he would be on the "Yankee train" back to Connecticut. Sure enough, he was, and it was a cool thing to know that we and hundreds upon hundreds of others had gotten on the right train that late at night.

It was an evening full of keeper moments.

Adella, Alex, and Adam were as fascinated by the new ball park as they were by the trains. Adam borrowed my camera to snag shots of Joe DiMaggio's plaque in Monument Park and then to get a few more of Derek Jeter and A-Rod. I love when the kid uses my camera. It seems to me then he is seeing what is memorable and beautiful. He knows what he likes. Lately he has been framing his shots or, if he has had to get them off quickly, realizing how he could have framed them. He's loving his world.

I was especially thrilled that Andy Pettitte was on the hill Monday night. He is pure art. The kids saw I was happy and thought it was funny I could be so happy--and engrossed--and giggled. It's good to be understood.

The new stadium is a beautiful thing, too. There are plenty of restrooms, plenty of places to eat, plenty of leg room wide walkways. No matter where you stand, you can see the field. Genius. The banners paying tribute to the greats that stretched the length of the arched windows along the exterior concourse and MonumentPark with its tributes to the team's legendary players spoke to the fine art of doing something well, even if you're just playing a game.

In a corner of MonumentPark is a memorial to 9/11. Adam asked me why that was there. The joy of the hour shifted gears just then. "Some terrible people did a terrible thing in New York City that caused thousands of people to die and to suffer. This monument honors their memory."

"But why is it here?" Fair point. They weren't Yankees.

"Because the Yankees put it here. This is New York. It happened here. They care, and they want us to remember."

At the heart of our fun and games is a heart. A big heart.

(Some more views of the new stadium and my favorite player are here.)


  1. What a memorable trip being the first at the new stadium for the kids. It sounds like it was fantastic.

    I have never been to a professional baseball game. It must be fun because lots of people go.

  2. sounds like a perfect summer evening, enjoyable and memorable. great observations about kids seeing the world through their camera-it does frame it for us...

  3. Ih what fun! Also good to know about their 9-11 tribute.

    I am back from camping and have viewed all 12oo photos and have one up even tho it isn't Mt. Hood. Those will be coming. I sorted them all between itching my mosquito bites.

    I will go read your posts that I missed and leave comments there too.

  4. Sandy, My dear friend, you have managed to evoke the great things about the game of baseball and in life because when you come down to it, it is all about heart! Lovely post and great pics too!

  5. Sandy: A neat tribute to the new stadium, nice of you to share the 9-11 connection with us.

  6. I am so jealous!!!! Tulsa Driller baseball is fun. But the Yankees!!!

  7. What a wonderful evening. I'm glad you had a great time. It's nice that your nephew is showing an interest in photography. Your photos are wonderful.

  8. all for the love of sports!

  9. Wonderful pictures:) Looks like someone had loads of fun.

  10. I'm not a big Yankees fan, but looks like a fun time.

  11. When I was a boy in MJ Went to Pghil As Games

  12. A lot of people think like this about football and cricket here in the UK.

  13. That was a real mocrocosm of life - joy and sorrow and reflection all rolled in the national game!!

  14. I am not sports minded but I like your sport story. Well written and
    truly reflected the writer's talent.

  15. OK, so now I gotta find a pin striped T-shirt with number 46.

    Size XXL.

    I'm glad you all had fun.


  16. Wow!!! Look at that crowd. We were just watching a re-screen of "It Could Happen to You" I always love the scene where the kids take over Yankee Stadium, thanks to Nicolas Cage and Brigette Fonda. Sounds like your group had a great time.

    HUGS, G

    PS: I am already for OSI, will post later in the day. Stay tuned for an award over at MPP, later next week, you certainly deserve many of those!

  17. This post should be published in the NyTimes, or Huffington Post, or the Yankees website.

    I felt the excitement of going to the game, and you gave me a better taste of the new park than ANYONE including the Today Show et al.

    Your kids are so lucky to have you as a parent. Really. That's all I ever wanted: to share joy with my parents, to be "heard" to have my questions answered. I love you, Sandy-Sister
    "At the heart of our fun and games is a heart." WOW!


    Comfort Spiral

  18. I'm glad you had a nice day, Sandy.
    Excellent text and lovely images of the stadium.

  19. This reminded me of seeing a baseball game at a big honkin stadium but also of seeing a AAA game. I have to say I liked the AAA game better since I could see the players. It was sort of like a little league game with adults instead of kids.

  20. What a wonderful day. Thanks for the link to the slideshow. I love those men in their tight uniforms that show off their behinds.

    I haven't been to NYC in ages, but I remember Yankee Stadium. Funny how teams outgrow playing places. When the Astrodome in Houston was built, they were talking about it being a wonder of the world (first domed stadium). The Astros (baseball team) really sucked, too.

    The kids are adorable. I bet they will remember that trip forever. All the best.

  21. wow! you know what, that's the game that's not so popular here in the Philippines. many play it here but it's not as big as the ones there. basketball is more popular here.

    so if ill go there, ill make sure to watch one baseball game.

  22. Checking out a new stadium in the summer when the weather is nice is the best. Especially when you're there with people you really like.


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